Sahara India 1st Refund List 2023: सिर्फ इन लोगो को मिलेगा सहारा इंडिया में फसा पैसा वापस, पहली लिस्ट देखें

Sahara India 1st Refund List 2023: The government has started the refund process on the Sahara India refund portal. In the first phase, they are refunding 10000 per investor. Investors who have money stuck in Sahara India can go to the Sahara refund portal and register for a refund. The government has started the Sahara Refund Hotel to gradually return the money to all investors whose money was stuck in different funds of Sahara Cooperative and have completed their maturity period.

Sahara India 1st Refund List 2023
Sahara India 1st Refund List 2023

People who had put their money in Sahara India went to the Supreme Court to get their money back. The Supreme Court then ordered the government to refund the money quickly. As a result, Sahara SEBI Fund was created and around 2400000 thousand Crores were deposited into it. Now, the money that Genevesh did not receive is being refunded slowly. To get the refund, investors need to have the original documents they received when they invested in Sahara.

Sahara India 1st Refund List 2023

The government has verified the information and documents submitted by those who registered for a refund on the Sahara refund portal. They have now released a list of eligible investors on the Sahara Ra report portal. The government will refund these investors within 30 to 45 days through the Sahara refund portal. To receive the refund, investors must have a bank account with DBT level and provide original documents. The refund process has begun, and currently, up to 10000 is being refunded in the first phase.

Sahara Refund Rejected List 2023

If the first phase is correct, the government will refund the remaining money in the next phase. The refund process is ongoing and many people have already received their money. If you haven’t received your refund yet but registered for it, there’s no need to worry. The government is gradually transferring the money after verifying the information. It might take some time, so those who applied for the refund can visit the Sahara refund portal. You can check your refund status online or find your name in the Sahara refund list.

When will Sahara India refund be issued?

Refunds are being processed for those who registered on the Sahara India Refund Portal. Some people have already received 10000 in their bank accounts. If you registered for a refund but haven’t received the money yet, there’s no need to worry. The government is transferring the money after verifying the information and documents you provided. It may take some time, but the government is working to return everyone’s money as soon as possible.

Sahara Refund Status Check Rejected

How to check name in Sahara refund list?

To check name in Sahara Refund List, you have to go to Sahara Refund Portal, from there you can download Sahara Refund List 2023 and check your name in that list.

  • Visit the official website of Sahara Refund Portal to check name in Sahara Refund List.
  • Now click on the option of Sahara Refund List 2023 on the home page.
  • Now the Refund List 2023 will appear here, it will appear in the form of PF, download this PDF.
  • Now in this pdf you can check your name on the basis of your registration no.
  • In this way you can check your name in Sahara Refund List online.
  • If your name comes in this list then you will be refunded as soon as possible.
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The refund procedure has commenced via the Sahara Refund Portal following thorough verification of investors’ documentation. The government is progressively disbursing up to 10000 units into their respective bank accounts, resulting in the successful return of funds for numerous individuals. There is no cause for concern regarding outstanding cases, as the government will gradually transfer funds into all recipients’ bank accounts within a time range of 30 to 45 days.

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